When you attend one of the clinics for treatment you may not know quite what to expect.

Even if you have consulted other osteopaths or masseurs you will find a different kind of experience at Neo Health.

For a start you are not going to be rushed around, time is a valuable commodity and allows you to relax and explain what is happening to you.

Time also means that you will receive not only the best possible treatment for your condition, but also the best advice.

You need to understand what is causing the problems so that you can avoid them occuring again.

Working to ensure that you get this explanation in plain English should be the minimum you expect.

At no point do we want to make you feel uncomfortable, and we certainly don't subscribe to the 'no pain no gain' philosophy - in fact we can't think of anything worse.

Being treated at Neo Health will be a two-way process, with you in the lead role.

There will never be any surprises or shocks during your treatment session, no weird or wacky techniques.

Just plain speaking, open communication and effective treatment.

That's what you need isn't it? 

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